Apple Provides the Correct Resolution By Call Or Email


For general apple concerns, call the Apple phone number by dialing 844 385 1666. This is the fastest way to get in touch with the technology company if you need support for your iTunes, iPhones, iCloud, iPad and MacBook. They can answer all your concerns from general questions down to technical queries. Be it for customer support, billing clarification or expert troubleshooting, Apple has many helplines to get you through your issues. That is what Apple Care is known to provide their customers with.

apple_devices1They are open all days of the week, from 8:30 AM -11:30 PM. In particular, for Sales Support you may dial 0800 048 0408. For an expert advice on Apple Technical Support, call this number 0800 107 6285. For iPhone technical support, its 0800 107 6285.


Apple Support

As an alternative, you may contact an Apple Store Customer Service from your mobile using 0800 048 0408. This call will be free. Take note that they are open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM. On weekends their operating hours are from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Issues happen and Apple products are no exception. Be it the MacBook, the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple watch, Apple TV, accessories or applications downloaded from iTunes, Apple has become almost everybody’s preferred gadget and app and calls about maintenance is huge. Any Apple product has to be checked for any issues too.



Take for example being billed twice, or a purchase made was unauthorized, or sometimes, concerns about a purchased item. With millions of users and credit card information stored in the Apple database, a glitch can be something that’s waiting to happen.


Asking Apple

Likewise, sending an email is also an option. Provide all the required details so that you can be attended to right away. Information about your concern as well as the invoice number can make Apple answer appleiwatch130210-642x4711back as soon as they get resolution to your question.

If they don’t have to ask you for more details and background, then Apple can tackle your concerns immediately. They won’t have to ask you back or look over your purchase history just because you didn’t provide it in the first place. Keep in mind that it will take time to do the research on your behalf so make sure to provide them all-important details right away.


Make It Correct

Make sure that the email address and Apple ID you provided are correct. Otherwise, they may not be able to tie things up to provide you a speedy resolution.

You are done once you have submitted the email. You will receive an automated message that they have received your email and your queries have been submitted and will be made into a ticket for resolution. Apple personnel may get in touch with you for more details, or for possible cases to correct the issue. All these will be depending on the amount of information you have supplied in the first place.

Making Apple Contact Fast And Easy


Apple has become so popular that at any time we have all bought items from them be it the Macbook, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple watch, Apple TV, the accessories or downloaded from iTunes. As much as we desire not to get into any issues with our purchases, it can’t be helped at times. Issues happen.

The gadgets giant is no exception. You may have been double-billed, or there was an unauthorized purchase or simply you need to correct the item you purchased. As there are millions of users and credit information on file with Apple, every once in a while issues are bound to pop up.

As there are many reasons for wanting to dial the Apple contact number, there is another way to let them know that you have a concern that they have to sort out for you. You may dial 0800 048 0408 for general support. For iPhone technical support, it’s 0800 107 6285. It is advised that you have your serial number ready.


Apple Music

As regards to iTunes and Apple Music, they don’t have a number to call and you may have to do your support request online. Their support team is great and dedicated in providing solution to your problem. They deal strictly with all billing issues and concerns. Apple states online that by using their support team they assure that you get an expert to help you out.


ipadnew120307-1Online support also lists the options per country to make it easier for you to select in case you have brought the item in another location or you’d want assistance in the country you are in. It happens when you are on a vacation or a business trip and your Apple product needs to be repaired or replaced.

Invoice Issues

All you need to do is to find the problematic invoice on your iTunes account. Once that is found, email the customer support and explain a bit on what your issue is all about. This invoice can be in your email inbox as a receipt from iTunes. This invoice is sent after each purchase, unless Apple bundles them altogether to lower the credit card transaction fees.

Account Login

You can also login to your account through the iTunes desktop and clicking on Purchase History. Search through the files and look for the invoice. Once you have it located, click on the link that says Report A Problem. This is found directly from the purchase information. You will be directed to the support site of iTunes right away. Take note of your invoice number by writing it down.

Once you are on the iTunes support site, navigate to the Store Account and Billing found on the left hand column. Sort through the choices and get to the Billing Inquiries.

Email Us

B4E53F09-3498-4DBE-BDAC-3D862CF507E4Fill out the form once you click on Email Us. Include all the necessary details of your concern and include the invoice number as people said that doing so makes Apple respond a lot faster. This is because they won’t have to ask you back or for them to look for all your purchases one by one as it will take time. You also have to make sure that your email address is correct and that the Apple ID is likewise indicated.

Clicking Submit

Once you click and submit, you’re done. You will be receiving an automated message saying that an iTunes representative will be in touch within one business day. This email will also tell you that the representative will resolve your issue and may ask for further details, depending on what you have provided.

The feedback from many people is that through this method, they’ve always had a great experience when dealing with the Apple team. The customer support always seems to respond right away and resolve the issue you have.